Global Matrix Survey


Global Matrix Survey has a team of expert and trained interviewers capable of conducting face-to-face interviews in multiple languages. Our team of field executives/interviewers is trained thoroughly and complies with well-defined protocols, along with a thorough understanding and knowledge of the study under consideration.


In Computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI), an interviewer uses hand-held devices like a tablet computer or laptop to administer the survey. The time and resources that would have otherwise been invested on manual data entry are eliminated, since data captured on CAPI is sent directly on to the server. Also, the errors emanating from human intervention at the data entry stage are taken care of well with services at Global Matrix Survey. 

Global Matrix Survey


One of the services rendered under quantitative methods is Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). Global Matrix Survey uses the latest and most sophisticated software and systems for the purpose and it meets expectations with all Modern Technologies went down by IT experts viz. Prescient, Automatic Dialing, Remote Barge – In and Call Recording (on location). 


Online Research provides intelligent, agile and constructive solutions to the needs of our clients, at a competitive price. As the Internet has become an everyday tool for most respondents, online interviewing is increasingly effective. The online method offers the benefits of fast data-collection turnaround along with potentially large data volumes.

Global Matrix Survey